As part of its mandate, Place Bell must provide a safe environment both for its customers and its employees.

All of them must be protected from the use or possession of objects that are dangerous or prohibited by law or by our establishment.

Electronic searches at the entrances of the Bell Centre during all sporting, cultural or other events are a security and control measure among the methods used by Bell Centre security in order to fulfil its safekeeping and surveillance duties to its customers.

  • It is recommended not to carry a backpack, carry-all or any type of handbag/luggage when coming to Place Bell.
  • All backpacks, handbags, carry-all and other types of bags, notwithstanding their size will be subject to search before being allowed into the building. Please note that for some events and according to the requirements of the security personnel in charge of the safety of performers, some types of bags may not be allowed inside Place Bell.
  • Smoking and vaping are forbidden inside the Place Bell.


  • Any weapon, knife, aerosol, capsicum (“pepper spray”) or other (see next section).
  • Flags, banners or posters that might obstruct an audience member’s view.
  • Outside food, drinks, alcohol, glass bottles and cans.
  • Professional cameras with lenses over 2.5” or any other type of detachable lens.
  • Professional video / audio recording equipment, selfie sticks or similar monopods.
  • Drones or other similar objects.
  • Computers & tablets
  • Any object that makes noise (bells, horns).
  • Any animal.
  • Fireworks or other pyrotechnical apparatus.
  • Laser pointers.
  • Any object that is deemed suspicious by security personnel.


  • Pocketknives, cutters, blades or any other knives, prohibited weapons, blunt objects or objects considered dangerous or risky are prohibited inside Bell Centre.
  • Any person with that type of weapon in their possession will be denied access to the interior of the venue, unless they voluntarily get rid of that object in the containers provided for this purpose.
  • Weapons and other items voluntarily given up in boxes for that purpose will be destroyed or given to a non-profit organization.
  • *A partnership with a non-profit organization for small legal knives is established
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